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Motorcycle questions and answers

This page lists some commonly asked questions from our customers on a number of different topics. We have endeavoured to provide some brief answers to these questions to help keep the explanation simple and easy to understand. If you would like to investigate more comprehensive information on these topics we have provide some external links. Check back again late and we will continue to add more questions and answers in time.

Q: How can I get finance for a motorcycle?

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • You must be currently employed
  • You must have no outstanding defaults on your credit file
  • For registered bikes - you must have at least a motorcycle learner's permit

Q: What will I need to supply at the time of a finance application?

  • Two pay slips with at least one of them dated within the last 30 days
  • Photo Identification - Drivers licence or Passport
  • Bank account details - A bank statement or official bank form with all of your details: BSB, Account number, Your Name and a date within the last 30 days

Q: What finance rates will I get?

  • Our in house Motorcycle finance currently have some very low rates that may surprise you.
  • The rate will be determined by the finance company and it will be reflective of your credit risk according to then.

If you have a question about Licencing for your motorcycle, contact West Coast motorcycles on 9300 0094

If you have a question about Motorcycle lessons, contact Motorcycle Training WA on 0426 008 969

Q: Do I need a current WA drivers licence to buy a motorcycle?

A. You will need a WA licence to purchase a registered bike or you will need photo ID and proof of a residential address in WA.
Interstate customers can purchase bikes that have been unregistered
Yes you can buy an unregistered bike with no licence.
Yes you can purchase a licenced bike with an incorrect class of drivers licence.

Q: How can I pay for the bike?

A. We accept most bank cards, bank cheque's, cash, direct transfers and of course we can arrange finance.
We can also arrange a layby term for the bike where you can leave the bike with us and pay it off.
If you have a question about buying a new bike contact West Coast motorcycles on 9300 0094

If you have a question about Insurance & theft protection for your motorcycle, contact West Coast motorcycles on 9300 0094

Q. What regular maintenance will I need to do on a motorcycle?


Basic maintenance will include the following, Check all fluids, lube the chain, check tyre pressures, adjust the chain tension, clean and lubricate. The basic maintenance should be carried out on a weekly basis.

Q: What are scheduled services?


All motorcycles have a service schedule that can be found in the owner's manual or you can call our service centre. Most road bike need to be services once a year or every 6000Km's.

If you have a question about Servicing and maintenance for your motorcycle, contact West Coast motorcycles on 9300 0094

If you have a question about transporting bikes contact West Coast motorcycles on 9300 0094

Q: What protective clothing will I need to ride a bike on the road?


Legally you are only required to wear an approved helmet with Australian standards.

To be safe on the road our friendly staff can assist you with the proper protective gear from head to toe and for every type of weather condition. We have an extensive range of gear and our staff will help you with the right advice to keep you safe and warm.

If you have a question about protective riding apparel contact West Coast motorcycles on 9300 0094

Q: What are the different types of motorcycle categories?


Super Sports - Motorcycles based off road racing bikes with aggressive power and handling. These bikes are perfect for track days on a closed circuit. (Barbagallo raceway)

Sports - Based off a super sport bike but made to be more user friendly for general road use.

Naked - Bikes that have no fairings and are generally perfect for city riding.

Cruiser - Older style bikes that are suited to open roads and country riding. They are usually powered by twin cylinder engines and have a couch like riding position.

Touring - These are bigger bikes made to be as comfortable as possible and are suited to long distance rides.

Sports touring - These are touring bikes that have been made to look a little sporty and would generally be used as mid distance riding.

Road trail - Bike designed to ride everyday on the road but still have some off road capabilities.

Adventure touring - These are generally larger bikes that can travel on or off road. The best adventure bikes are usually based of a dirt bike and made to be road friendly.

Adventure sport touring - These bike look similar to the adventure bikes but have been based from a road bike and are better on the road than off.

Competition or MX - These bikes are specifically designed for motocross. They have very powerful engines with harsh suspension made for big bumps and jumps.

Enduro - These are based off the competition bikes but have wider ratio gearing and a softer suspension. These bike are generally road registerable but they have not been designed for regular road use.

Fun bikes - These are off road bike specifically designed for riders entering the world of off road riding. They are low maintenance and user friendly to help build confidence.

If you have a question about types of motorcycles contact West Coast motorcycles on 9300 0094

Please email us if there are any questions and answers you think we should add to this list.