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WCM Sponsorships

West Coast Rider Support

  • West Coast Motorcycles now has a supported rider program.
  • It doesn’t matter what make of bike you ride because we will look after you if you support us!
  • Run a West Coast graphic kit or the West Coast logo and feel the support.
  • There are different support programs available.

Rider support starts here!

You can choose from the graphic kits below or we can help customise one to suit you and your bike. We can have any of our kits customised to any make or model of motorcycle.

Then choose from the Ringmaster premium grade or standard grade PVC vinyl. From our experience nothing lasts longer then the premium grade vinyl and its the first choice of our pro riders.

The custom graphic kits are supplied with;

Front and rear guards

Radiator shrouds

Fork legs

Swing arm

Number plates front and side

If you do not have a number then we can add something creative.

Class of bike Premium Custom Kits Standard Kits
Under 65cc Retail $250 Retail $189
65cc to 85cc Retail $299 Retail $239
over 85cc Retail $399 Retail $289

Once you have selected your favorite kit then your rider support discount will start immediately.

West Coast Graphic kit images will be posted soon.

Husqvarna LINE 2

Husqvarna LINE1