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FE 501 2024


Enhanced with the latest technical innovations and producing more power than the previous generation, the FE 501 continues to be the most powerful machine in the Husqvarna Motorcycles enduro line-up. A new engine for 2024 produces a broader spread of controllable power and by positioning the engine shaft arrangements at the ideal centre of gravity, this vastly benefits manoeuvrability. Aiding this agile feel is the new chassis, which has been developed and manufactured using advanced engineering techniques, which together with new WP Suspension ensures enhanced comfort across rough terrain. Expertly assembled with high-quality components throughout, the FE 501 is finished with new functional bodywork adorned with white, yellow, and blue graphics inspired by the Swedish heritage of the brand.


For all the right reasons!
We have a long and proud tradition of providing the highest level of friendly and professional customer service.
One of Australia’s largest dealers for Husqvarna Motorcycles, we provide the purchasing confidence, and service that makes you feel like a valued customer.
We are motorcycle specialists, we don’t do lawn mowers or power equipment, and that allows us to concentrate on what’s important, just motorcycles.
We have a massive spare parts department and we are one of only two WP Pro Suspension specialists in WA. Our Tyre and Service department has a reputation of having some of the best technicians in Australia, and that’s important with such a premium product like Husqvarna.

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